Friday, 12 June 2009

KK baby...

I'm going to KK babyy.. yeahhh.. Will be going to the airport for another half and hour .. yeahh.. I'm going in style.. aahahaha.. I think I'm high cause I only slept for 1 hr. AND I'M FREAKING HUNGRY!!

soo.. just finished my exams and obviously I'm on my holiday and i'm a day early... You see.. the holiday supposed to be starting tomorrow and I'm away to KK today.. what the hell I'm talking about. who would give a damn about this?.. and and the last time I was there when I was like 8.. soo I'm stoked right now!!

well I guess that's it. I'll be back on the 18th, jussstt so you know.


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Here I am... Pretty much... you know~

It seems to me that I have abandoned this blog for months... Which I forgot that I do have a blog..

How I've been?

Pretty much... you know... normal

where I've been?

Pretty much at school most of the time

So how's school treating me?

Pretty much Ok... despite that my tutor keep on shouting, torturing me with lots of homework.. but HEY.. life as a A-level student I guess.. especially when you're in SMSA
Only in SMSA you'll get a teacher that can shout for the whole lesson.. even he himself admit it. He did compare with other schools... But ahhhh... BRING IT ON!! you can't let me down!!
next question please...

anything interesting happened??

Hmmm.. That will be a lot but I just can't remember. Or I'm to lazy to recall it back... owhh yeahhh.... and this one did happen..


The Copa del Rey campions




La Liga campions

"Campeonessss, campeonesss, ole.. ole.. ole.."

Its not a waste of time to watch them play.. Its tiring though.. cause having to wake up at 2,3 or 4 in the morning just to watch their matches but in the end they've won.. so it is worth it!!!

SOOO.. hope they'll trash the MU in the champions league!!! and get the trebles!!

When is your exam?

ohhhh fuuuuuukkkkkk......... its next week!!!! .............

owh well enough already.. I even have test tomorrow.. on vectors.. soo ahhh I think thats it...

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Leaving the pen and paper for a while

Its HOLIDAY... lets celebrate!!! Yeahh...

Need to relax for awhile before more chaos come.. not only chaos also about some "stuff" which is very, very, very childish...

and and.. Tomorrow I'm gonna collect my so-called Oscar in lumut.. ahahahaXD..

and that's it~ leaving you guys with Pinback-bouquet(live)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Beware: stress is coming up..

I have entered in PRE-U1 and I am soooo stoked about it... but tomorrow the lesson starts and no doubt that stress will come in to play....

The Orientation was fun and I did enjoy it.. I do feel like a bitch because I was very, very, very loud.. BUT heyy~ It was just the one time thing and I think its worth it.. Meeting long lost friends "riteeeee" and making new ones was the best part.. I am not kidding~ I really like it in someway...

dont know what else to say...

wish me luck I guess... chao

Monday, 23 February 2009



finally I have my own laptop.. YAYY!! I've been dreaming for this like ever... cehh~ well not really.. been dreaming it since the last 3 years. Honestly, I never thought to have one of this thing on my own but I think getting 8Os is very worth it eventhough I didn't get excellent grades.. So THANK YOU SO MUCH TO MY PARENTS TO GIVE ME SUCH AN UNEXPECTED GIFT!!

but it wasn't the ultimatum great present that I ever had from my parents.. I'm not being selfish.. noo.. cause its just a thing.. The best gift from my parents are their trust and love!! That is already enough for me.. so to others.. my sibs and my true friends.. If you give me your trust and love.. I will never ever forget you!! and I will always love you~ =D

okk.. enough for the emo thing.. I watched SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE today and it was a Very Very Good movie!! I mean its like wayy better that High school Musical.. ahahaha.. I never watched it cause everytime I try to watch it my hand just start to flick the channels cause of their chipmunk's voice or the role model thingyy~ whateverrr.. no offence for the fans but I just dont like them and that's the truth! I mean slumdog millionaire.. damnnn~ you guys have to watch it mann.. Its not one of the typical type of industan movie that will last for like I dont know half a day?? With the same type of story plot~ soo I really recommend people out there to watch slumdog millionaire.. okk!!

But this is such challenge to the Malay people.. Cause the Chinese have done it, The Indians have done it to take a film into worldwide recognition soo.. big pressure on the malay type of movie.. but I think Yasmin Ahmad could do it though.. I love all her movies, Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin but I have not watch Muallaf.. well one day~

I have a lot of movies that I want to watch.. The reader, changeling, The wrestler, Milk, she's just not in to you, ahh and lotts more..

And ohh.. Champions League is coming up!! YAY!! and dont care about barca last match cause It was crappy refering and whinny Espanyol!!

chao for know!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Take it or leave it

The Strokes..

I felt like centuries watching this.. though it was 2001 but it looks very classic like 80's or early 90's.. Its a very cool video.. The coolest live video EVER!! It is when the time where Julian(vocalist) was still on the booze and walks like Jack Sparrow! but he still sings very cool even when he's drunk.. but thank god he changed his habits now~ umm and the rest were cool and now they are still are cooolll... which is cool~

Today's word: COOL
(This word is freaking flowing in my head)

They are now currently in the studio altogther recording their fourth album after 3 years of vacation.. *more like other work.. cause most of them was working on with their solo project* And I CAN'T WAIT, CANT WAIT, CANT WAIT!! 3 years is too long!!

They are my all time favourite band.. They are the first band who introduce me into these kind of music.. And also thanks to my sister who open up these music to me! I'm soo glad to have discovered these music!

so ahh.. au revoir and enjoy

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The sky is blue and a bit of cloudy....

I watched Spain VS England this morning.. It wass an ok match.. cause I was very, very sleepy to pay attention to it.. And there wasn't any spice and very little of OOOHHH, AHHH moments.. except for the goals~ But unfortunately, They didn't broadcast the France VS Argentina live~~ Which I was looking forward to since last year.. "It can't seem to make it liveee... auuuhhhh~" It does sucks!! Astro needs more football channel!!

But yet, I'm happy.. Both of my favourite team won.. But I still do admire England though.. but then again.. Messi took the spotlight.. he againnnn.. produce an AMAZING GOAL...

From here.. I saw argentina is gaining their old form back.. Maybe Diego Maradonna can really turn Argentina back like the Argentina team that he played in 1986 world cup.. but its only from here.. Cause I haven't watch it.. but reallyyy... GOLAZOOO DE MESSI!!! "MAGNIFIQUEEEE.. MAGNIFIQUEEEE.." Ahahaha.. French is a beautiful language!! Wish I have learned it~ but ahh.. nice work from Gutierrez too!!

What can I say about england.. hmmmm... I think missing of key players is the problem.. Gerrard, Rooney, Ferdinand.. waitt.. did ferdinand played?? hmmm I forgot~ I told you I wasn't really paying attention.. Even though Beckham and Lampard was brought in the second half (What the hell are you thinking capello??? Why didn't you use them in the starting 11??) but still no luck for them~ emm the goals were great.. Villa did it very calmly.. Llorente headed it like nothing.. (but it was nott~) from Xavi's free kick.. soo yeahh.. OK match~

and lastly to people who wanted to know how good Leo Messi is.. have a look in this video made by my friend.. Kariem! He is sure a talented video editor.. It shows leo's skills, goals, fouled, and how he looks like when he sits on the bench~ ahahaha... JK JK~~ enjoy!